UT // London // Desertfest!

***HDP/WPC Stage to Bring a Sonic Oblivion to Desertfest 2016***
The Human-disease Promo-london/When Planets Collide Stage at Desertfest is back once again and darker, heavier, bleaker and more crushing than ever. Welcoming a raft of blackened angst, nihilistic drone and mind-altering sludge bands from across the globe, it should be a melee of righteous dark doom to behold! Getting set to decimate the Underworld on Saturday 30th April are:
Unearthly Trance (US)
Samothrace (US)
Monarch! (FR)
Slomatics (NI)
Fleshpress (FI)
Counterblast (SW)
BongCauldron (UK)

You can read all about these bands and many more right here on the website:


Solo Recording From Ryan Lipynsky

"Finally getting the chance to post a solo recording I completed a few months ago. The music was recorded originally in 2012 and I kind of forgot about it for a few years and revisited in 2015 when I recorded the vocals and mixed it to the best of my ability. This bandcamp will be a place where I put up future solo recordings that will probably vary in style and sound. The basic idea of "Document 1" was to make my version of Rock songs with no screaming and a focus on clean sung vocals. Check it out!" - R.L.