Unearthly Trance LIVE at the Mother Fucking Roadburn!

Into The Spiral
Dream State Arsenal
The Horsemen Arrive In The Night
Submerged Metropolis
God Is A Beast
In The Red


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"Into The Spiral" Video By Jimmy Hubbard /// REVIEWS!!!

"“Dream State Arsenal” is an aptly-titled monster, unfolding in a swirl of feedback and eventually evolving into a molasses-paced juggernaut of sticky riffs and slow-burning tension that feels reminiscent of the band’s work on V. This track also sets the tone instrumentally, giving bassist Jay Newman and drummer Darren Verni ample room to bring the pain."

"“Famine” is cold and crushing, with singer/guitarist Ryan Lipynsky’s death-rattle vocals rumbling under layers of noise. The song veers into clean, minimalism before swirling into a discordant, repetitive riff. An unexpected soaring solo rises, phoenix-like, out of the murk."

"Unearthly Trance’s appeal is that (like classic NYC band Unsane) they always have sounded dangerous underneath the distortion, not really concerned if they harsh your buzz or remind you the world can be painful. "

"Unearthly Trance still managed to hit the ball out of the fucking dimension itself, and the final result is something the likes of which many metalheads will flock towards and revere for years to come."

"...something keeps pulling me back into this record, and I’m guessing it’s going to make a lot of people who were on the fence for some reason stand up and take notice, even if they’re not sure why…"

"...combining the core elements of what fans loved with a mature songwriting sensibility that sees power and intensity caught in a tug of war with a melodically induced atmosphere of blasphemous reverence."


"Last Rites" reviews "Stalking The Ghost"

"Ryan Lipynsky’s guitar riffs (often doubled with perfect trunk-rattling scuzziness by Jay Newman’s bass) are omnivorous, pulling in bits of Sabbath swing, classic sludge causticness, hardcore punchiness, pinches, bends, stutters, and whatever else might be needed to get the damn job done."


Review from metalassault.com on "Stalking The Ghost"

Excellent review from Metal Assault!

"This is why you need to pay attention to sludge metal, not because of the obvious big guys like Sleep, but because of what they’ve inspired in bands such as Unearthly Trance."


First review of "Stalking The Ghost"


"In a world here post metal is starting to push into the genres mainstream Unearthly Trance seem like a proud forefather of a noble tradition and one who will smash your motherfucking face in."